Awakening Your Practice Module 2 Standing Poses January 20


Why take the Awakening Your Practice workshop?

This workshop will spark a renewed interest in your study of yoga and provide tools to help keep you feeling balanced mind, body and spirit. We feel yoga is a holistic health care system that assists in tapping in to your body’s intelligence. Yoga not only facilitates keeping you healthy but can also be a guide to help cure and heal injuries and ailments. 

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of practitioner. We will have an interactive discussion about the science of yoga and how it relates to your health and wellbeing while breaking down various standing poses and introducing variations and modifications.

We often tell our students yoga can be healing for your joints but it can also be very detrimental depending on how you practice. Alignment is crucial. You will learn how to take care of your body, strengthen muscles to support your joints and safely get the most out of your standing pose practice. We will also explore basic yoga breathing techniques. 

The experience will give you the foundation you need to take your yoga practice to any level. Enjoy the Journey!

Fee: $35 pre-registration or $45 at the door.    REGISTER TODAY!