what is vraaja yoga™

Vraaja Yoga is a system in which micro movements are used to facilitate a macro movement or a peak pose. Sequencing is an art, a creative process, relying on instinct as well as an internal clock. It is an acute awareness of movement and its relationship to the human body. Sequencing is also a science of muscles, bones, connective tissues and breath. Combined, art and science facilitate a desired destination with endless paths to that destination. Purchase the e-book Vraaja Yoga the Anatomy of Sequencing.

Vraaja Yoga™ online course

Earn Yoga Alliance continuing education credits while studying Chapter one of Vraaja Yoga The Anatomy of Sequencing. The course consists of video lectures, anatomy guide, chapter one of Tommy's e-book, quizzes and a full Vraaja Yoga practice and should take approximately ten hours to complete. Go here to find out more about Anatomy of Sequencing Module 1