Vraaja Yoga™ – Hot Room

A system in which micro movements and breath are used to assist a macro movement or a peak pose. A micro movement is a smart way of mindfully opening and awakening muscle with the intention of maximizing a peak pose. Combined awareness of breath and where you are headed in your practice can lead you to achieve poses you never thought attainable.   Exclusively at The Yoga Shack

Vraaja Flow – Hot Room

Beginning/Intermediate Vraaja Flow (level 1/2)  is appropriate for all levels and focuses on the correct alignment of basic Yoga postures within the range of one’s own body to ensure the development of a safe and rewarding yoga practice while challenging you to work your edges of strength and release.

Beginning Yoga

The are of the practice. Learn the most basic and fundamental aspects of yoga. This class will provide you with valuable information and instruction to ensure a solid foundation for your yoga practice. This is an excellent class to take if you are looking for a great way to jump start your yoga journey and path to wellbeing.

Restorative Yoga

This class is a great way to stay healthy, maintain flexibility and enhance your range of motion while giving your body and mind a chance to recharge and rejuvenate. Appropriate for all levels.

Yoga for Young Athletes

College and professional athletes world wide are incorporating yoga in to their strength and conditioning work outs. Yoga can help athletes increase focus, endurance, strength and flexibility. For young athletes learning how to develop yoga techniques can improve their performance and help prevent future injuries.

Relax Deeply

This calming, therapeutic class uses props to support the body in order to deepen the benefits of poses while incorporating Thai Yoga Therapy to stimulate the flow of energies within the body. Both soothing and nurturing this class promotes the effects of conscious relaxation. An opportunity to be still, relax, and let go.

Power Core Fusion – Hot Room

This cutting edge, higher-intensity workout combines various methods of core muscle development using plyometrics, Pilates and yoga while incorporating isometrics, traditional weight training and cardiovascular exercise. It is taught in a private setting.