Personal Yoga & Sauna Sessions

Have questions or issues with certain poses not feeling quite right? Would you like a customized yoga practice designed specifically for your needs?

Schedule a one-on- one yoga training session to get personalized input and correction on alignment, posture, breathing and anything else you’d like to understand about your personal yoga practice.

Single private session, $50

10 sessions, $480

20 session, $920

Dual Session (2 to 3 people,) $35 per person

10 sessions, $300 or $30 per person

20 sessions, $500 or $25 per person

In home appointments available for an additional fee.

Sauna therapy helps with detoxification, stress and fatigue, muscle aches, arthritis, and joint relief, weight loss and calorie burning, increased metabolism, immune system support, skin conditions, heart health, appearance of cellulite and diabetes support.

Infrared Sauna Sessions

Single session, $25/45 min.

5 sessions, $115/45 min.

10 sessions, $225/45 min.

Nordic Sauna Session - offers higher heat incorporating steam to the heat therapy.

Single Session, $35/45 min.